Aliens, Planets and Nebulae Update:

Mission 5 is now posted to the Math RPG page. I know I say Math RPG, but we all know that this is a total STEAM game. I can’t believe some of the absolutely creative and innovative ideas students come up with. Music blasters, laser cutters, lego models of carnivorous sunflowers, pages of comics about the crew, and so on.

I hope to have all 10 missions up and posted in the next few weeks. I feel that once 10 missions are posted, facilitators will be comfortable enough to create their own for the topics they would like to cover. Please send any feedback and if you haven’t checked out the game yet – here is a link.

Do we want to create a mission folder where facilitator can share missions? Let me know. I would love to see this project based learning while in character grow.

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Lover of math, art, literature, and life.

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