Week 52: Math Rocks!

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For week 52 of 52 Weeks of Hands-On Math, I couldn’t resist a play on words: Math rocks! This week I encourage learners to share their math in the neighborhood. Create sidewalk chalk art with Fibonacci hopscotch, paint a math rock garden, make a math obstacle course by your home, or have a piece of outside artwork to share.

Our family created a math rock garden. Rocks are often painted, traded, and shared in our area. We may still do another epic hopscotch course before the summer is over. Math rocks, so let’s share it with our world.

Acrylic non-toxic paint pens were used with these rocks, but we have used watercolors, markers, and ink on rocks in the past.

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  1. Yully Avatar

    Wonderful. I believe in people as talented as you. I’ve been painting on rocks for years but never thought of such talent as yours. this raises as many thoughts for me on beauty as on the laws of nature for example how to image one of Carl Sagan’s drafts such as?: Drake’s equation revised…
    How to image this in fractal?
    Cosmos (Carl Sagan) pp. 268 et al.. Then N = N*fpneflfifcfL » 10, and at any given time there would be only a tiny smattering, a handful, a pitiful few technical civilizations in the Galaxy, the steady state number maintained as emerging societies replace those recently self-immolated. (Google translation)

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