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This is the first in a new category, Math Finds, on Fractal Kitty. I am a believer in growth-mindset and lifelong learning. Peoples’ willingness to share and educate allow for exposure to a plethora of topics and interests. This post is about a wonderful opensource book I found by Juan Carlos Ponce Campuzano, Complex Analysis – A Visual and Interactive Introduction. The applets and flow are a splendid way to get exposure to complex numbers and analysis. I have enjoyed reviewing a topic I haven’t played with in a long time.

There are enthusiastic and eye-catching visuals throughout. Even if math is not your thing, I recommend that you take a look and play with the applets. This is a great book for anyone interested the complex plane, imaginary numbers, and jumping into some of the wonders of math.

Juan Carlos has lots of wonderful works of math and art at his dynamic math website – please go check it out.

“A remarkable feature of complex differentiation is that the existence of one complex derivative automatically implies the existence of infinitely many! “

Images and video are used with permission from the author.

Math Finds will be a category to share opensource and free resources that grow minds in math, coding, art, and sciences.

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