February Highlights

Double-Slit Polygons


On January 31st, I started 101 days of creative coding. After a few setbacks (11 days with no power), I am on track. Please check out 101 days of creative coding on a computer to fully engage with the interactive days. I didn’t want to spam everyone with a daily blog post, but there is quite a bit of content to be found in these daily doodles.


Devil’s Curve

On January 1st, I started to write a haiku every day. I have been publishing sets every 19 days on medium. Some of them are mathematical and some are not, but you may enjoy them:


I hosted the 191st Carnival of Mathematics round of blogs this month. This was fun. I enjoyed reading submissions and meeting other people who love math.

I have a piece I have been working on in “For the Love of Mathematics” in the NCTM Journal – stay tuned.


With 10-12 groups/classes a week, I stay busy. Some of the highlighted activities from this month were:

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