Overdue May Update

Well, I am overdue for a post. This year was busy. I taught 11-13 classes per week on top of study halls and homeschooling 3 kiddos. I have found my creative energy slightly depleted. That being said, I got a lot done in May and hope to reset in June.

101 days of code complete!

I finished coding my 101 days of code in p5js. I feel like I grew my generative art abilities and learned a lot over this project. Please check out this body of work here:

Maydala complete!

I made a mandala on an artist trading card for each day of May. I love the single-pointed mindfulness that this process brought. I stuck with black and white, but feel like I could code these up for fun to complement the p5.js skills I have grown.

Haiku Progress

I am still on my daily haiku journey. I am publishing every 19 days and just finished set 8. I am publishing on Medium and I appreciate your support. I hope to put together an anthology at the end of the year. If you wish to discuss or dive into any of these, please contact me.

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