Code of the Rings Published in NCTM

This month the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) – For the Love of Mathematics featured Code of the Rings. A PDF of the article is below. To view it on NCTM’s website click here. I am grateful for this opportunity to share.

After note: As I approach my 40th birthday, friends and family have asked what I would like to have. All I really want is a tree planted. We lost so many in Salem, OR this past year. When I wrote about this Belcrest red oak, I had no idea of the ice storm to come that would devastate so many of the native white oaks among others. We are planning to get a tree for our home to hopefully negate some of the loss this year. I am so excited.

I am grateful for the green trees around me and still contemplate their rings along with my own. I look at some of them laying on the forest floor with their ancient roots unearthed and am in awe that they still produced a canopy of leaves. Life truly is amazing.

The post that started all of this (Goodbye Red Oak) is here. The original Code of the Rings (Lissajous curves) interactive is below:

See the Pen Code of the Rings by Sophia (@fractalkitty) on CodePen.

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  1. Bronna Butler Avatar
    Bronna Butler

    Brilliant! Thank you.

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