Splooters gonna sploot…

A squirrel sketch with cute eye lies sprawled out belly down in the shadow of a tree on hot pavement. Hot is labeled with an arrow towards cold showing that hot moves to cold. Q is labeled as heat with an arrow. T1 is on the squirrel for temperature 1 and T2 is on the pavement for temerature2. On the sidewalk in the lower left corner it says the second-is law of thermodynamics - Entropy of the universe increases with every spontaneous sploot. Entropy is written with an arrow pointing to the equation of delta S = delta Q divided by T. A big sun is in the background with wavy rays. The entire sketch is digital and in a limited grayscale. A small S. signature is at the base of the tree. Only the half of the trunk of the tree shows and is cut off by the edges of the right side and top of the canvas. The squirrels tail is flopped up and over the head.

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