Mathober2022 – Sketches

This is the collection of 31 pairings for #mathober2022.

Day1 – Spindle

A person with long brown hair sits on a rock in space on the left. A drop spindle hangs in her fingers as she drafts from a nebulous cloud. Skeletons of spindle tori float in the distance as if created from the thread being spun- one is closer in the bottom right. A bright star in the upper left is within the cloud and other stars are scattered throughout. The tori have cloudy lights from within.

drafting fibers — spin

and weave an intersection

of time and cosmos

Day2 – Cubic

A cubic illusion among the stars with a person flying a cubic kite at 3 different orientations sitting criss-cross on the structure. A star in the lower left corner emits a stream of cloudy stars/gas that crosses over the structure in a wave. Smaller structures exist int the background.


is relative to your time

and position here

Day3 – Planar

a person with brown hair walks on a curvy trail of nebula dust facing away with a piece of chalk in their left hand and star in their right. The chalk is connecting 14 stars throughout the image with straight lines creating a planar graph. stars have nebulous clouds around them.

with your piece of chalk

connect with the oldest light

projected and seen

Day4 – Dissection

Two large windows stand  - one is a triangle and the other a square with lines across them in a mathematical dissection of equal area. A galaxy with a bright star shines through them. The panes are black and area around them is black. They reflect on the floor. A person stands in the center of the triangle window looking out with their left hand in their pocket - also a silhouette.

peer into windows

of the dissection of self

 —  area arranged

Day5 – Flat

A rectangle has flat tori floating in space with objects wrapping around so that the image connects left to right and top to bottom. A person is at the edge on the left and right standing on their toe. They are spliced between the edges. Behind the rectangle, the square seen has gaseous clouds and stars with floating flat surfaces, cylinders and tori of the rectangle image wrapped. The flat tori are blueish. The person has brown hair, blue pants and a grey shirt.

distances preserved

folding with waves — connected

dimensions of you

Day6 – Hyperbolic

A person sits criss-cross on a hyperbolic crocheted semi-sphere floating in space with string winding throughout coming from the center with a bright white and teal-ish star. Two other hyperbolic loveys float. The stars have trails of hyperbolic disks and there is light leaks and gaseous clouds throughout.

loop strands of your thoughts

into hyperbolic dreams

edges — infinite

Day7 – Harmonic

a sinewave shaped piano in perspective comes from the center of the image to the bottom. A person sits on a space rock as a bench playing the piano. The rock has a comet tail following the sine wave path. From their hands, the harmonic series of waves stretches to a star in the upper right corner. this pattern repeats smaller to another star in the same linear path. There is nebulous clouds and stars throughout.

resonate with stars

conduit of frequency

a tone of aether

Day8 – Error

A comet with a tail flies among floating silhouette space rocks with a person sitting on one (also silhouetted). A faint line is drawn from their eyes to the comet with an astrolabe in the background and nebulous clouds and stars. An ellipsoid mesh surrounds the comet.

there is truth within

covariance — we are all

brief observers here

Day9 – Identity

The complex plane with a circle is at an angle in space with a star at the origin and a smaller light at the end of a radius. Euler's formula is notated with imaginary and real axes. The smaller light creates a helix through space along the axis coming out of the complex plane. On this axis a person with brown hair walks like a tightrope. Translucent copies of this person balance on each axis as well. Nebulous clouds and light flares - like bubbles float in the scene with stars littered throughout.


– or real – our identity

is complex – wondrous

Day10 – Similar

two fern leaves  stretch from diagonal corners to a single star in space a circular cloud and other nebulous clouds are around them. A person in a squat with a hand on their knee and a watering can in their other hand waters cloud materials towards the star.


within you – and existence

life’s little fractals

Day11 – Fundamental

In a space setting, a person ice skates in a circle diagonal across the canvas that connects a sphere and a net of a sphere with a faint integral sign going from the net to the sphere and derivative sign going from the sphere to the net. A bright star sits in the middle with nebulous clouds and stars throughout. The person has mittens and a scarf with shoulder-length brown hair.

what’s on your surface

derives from within – vessel

an integral self

Day12 – Category

A person stands on a wooden simple ladder among stars with their hand touching magnetic poetry type words on the canvas of space. The words have functions/morphisms between them to create a haiku.  some of the haiku made are: this existence has as depth in a cloud of stars yet temporary. this existence is a breath in a universe yet ephemeral. this existence is a breath of a cloud of stars but ephemeral. this existence has a depth of a universe yet ephemeral.

morphisms of words

dance in realms of poetry

but paintings in thought

Day13 – Theory

a person with feet dangling sits on a bridge of clouds overlooking a river of void. other bridges are arranged in the Königsberg configuration - all clouds with stars throughout.

the river of thought –

mind can be bridged with presence

still – in awareness

Day14 – Paradox

A person is ready to shoot an arrow while standing on a nebulous cloud with stars and nebula all around. A trajectory line between their arrow and a star exists, but so does the distance markers for half, half-of-half, half-of-half-of-half - etc. to show Zeno's paradox.

the finite becomes

infinite with but a thought

paradox of mind

Day15 – Tiling

A person draws tiles of stars and nebulas. The stars spiral and tiles have a rectangular appearance. The view is from above with the person on their knees bent over drawing.

patterns of thought – mind

create swatches of fabric

to quilt your essence

Day16 – Capsule

A person squats down on a nebulous cloud to release a vessel in to the stream of a blackhole. The vessel is a capsule with a sail. There are two others just like it floating in the swirl. Some of the cloud is pulled and stars litter the canvas.

release your vessel

into rivers that pull you

for time is fleeting

Day17 – Vault

vaults chain together in strands crossing the canvas of space and stars at various angles and distances. A person swings with two of the chains sitting on a fault facing away towards the stars.

swing from the strands from

which this existence is made

– soaring with delight

Day18 – Annulus

a person runs on a track created with nebulous clouds and 5 lines with orbiting stars. a center star sits in the middle of the track with stars all around. The person has a little blur and stardust in their trail.

we all orbit here

on this annulus of time

leaving stardust trails

Day19 – Inverse

A person lays on a cloud painting in space the reflection of many involution functions that are silhouetted. Their reflection goes over a  45 degree rotated identity line of themselves, but inverted in color. A star sits in the middle with nebulous clouds. The lighting and lines give an almost window type feeling to it.

reflections over

our identity leave us

an inverse of self

Day20 – Moiré

A person weaves with a large needle with a loom with strands coming from a single point perspective at a point that is a star. the strand is pulled from nebulous clouds. the star has 3 disk of tightly packed lines that create a moire pattern. stars litter the canvas.

weave the tapestry

from your innermost being

to drape over time

Day21 – Limaçon

In cloudy space with stars, a person swims in a spiral with a trail of stars (freestyle stroke). Four limaçon float in space around them. A lar star sits at the dimple of the largest and at the center of the spiral. The limacon are drawn with white lines, some have crossing circles and other just circles getting larger (half the lines).

rays of light bounce – bend

into shells of thought – now swim

in oceans of mind

Day22 – Reciprocity

A person sits cross-legged on a reciprocal architecture frame looking out at a galaxy and stars.

breathe in and breathe out

together you are but one

reciprocal breath

Day23 – antipodal

a person sits at a spinning wheel in the lower left side drafing from looping clouds that have a source of a star orbited by two other stars. A circle is drawn around the two orbiting stars that stand opposite each other in the same orbit. stars littler the canvas of space. the clouds and spinning wheel are teals and whites with some blue hues in the background.

your north and your south

bound you in your sphere, while moons

pull your tides – ebb – flow

Day24 – Braid

a knot 3,8 knot around a star is in space with a person sitting on a cloud making a purple basket. Columns of the related braid sit faded on each side.

now, braid together

baskets to hold your shiny

thoughts, patterns, musings

Day25 – Packing

among the stars, a person stands on their toes placing an orb into a packing of orbs while holding another. The packing creates almost an s shape of partial apollonian gaskets repeated in another s-curve. the negative space of the fractal matches up to the person's body to create another negative space in the darkness of space.

packing orbs of thought

potential microcosms

waiting to expand

Day26 – Cell

A person sits with legs out in front facing away looking out at space. stars litter the scene and 5 16-cells float with nebulous clouds and stars for vertices with white lines for edges.

contemplate this state

and all of the dimensions

that we do not know

Day27 – Hull

a person kayaks in a circular nebulous cloud with an opening to the stars connected in hulls like rubber bands on nails.

early memories

of connecting stars – or dots

bounding sets of thoughts

Day28 – Singularity

A person sits, kneeling, in a spiral of nebulous clouds and stars with a meditation bowl on their head and a mallet striking it. a star in the background sits at the crown of their head and a small star rests in the other hand on their lap. a swirl of clouds is around them in a helix and circles of sound like a puddle emanate from the center star and crown of the head. the curve of 1/x is sketched in white off centered on top with stars littered on the canvas.

strike a tone within

of single-pointed thought – breathe

listen to that space

Day29 – Catastrophe

A person walks contemplatively with their arms behind their back into a large wave. The wave has stars scattered throughout and catastrophe curves sit in each corner as a frame.

before and after

let the wave wash through you – now


Day30 – Jitter

A person cross-country skis on a wavy trail of scattered white among the stars. a single large star sits in the middle of multiple wave crossing. The star has a cloud halo.

noise is the snowflake

brushing the sound on this path

–a trail in the dust

Day31 – Unity

a person lays in a meditative pose with a star in hand among the stars. Lemniscates made of small orbs sit in the center of different angles and sizes with a large star at the center. circle and stars faintly stretch across the canvas.

from gas to solid

and back again to the stars

you are – lemniscate

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