A Quilt to Celebrate a Monotile

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Image of monotile quilt. 12 tiles place together with 4 different materials on a black background. materials are grey polkadot, grey with butterfly, solid tan, and yellow with leaves

An Aperiodic Monotile was published this week (details are here). To celebrate, I made a quilt with my mom with some occasional kitty input.

I put together a quick slideshow of the process (not super detailed, but it will give you the gist of it). Preview of it is below:

10 responses to “A Quilt to Celebrate a Monotile”

  1. racurac2 Avatar

    Knitted quilt… Love the quilt though!

    1. fractalkitty Avatar

      Not sure why they said knitted- lol. Thanks!

  2. Adrienne Howard Avatar
    Adrienne Howard

    Did you have to hand sew the hexagons together?

    1. fractalkitty Avatar

      I used a machine, but you could. Y seams are tough.

  3. PMiller Avatar

    Love this piece. Thank you for sharing your journey with this “new” shape.

  4. Penandra Avatar

    WOW! Of course as a quilter (and knitter) my brain went to piecing right away. Love your results. Im trying to imagine the challenge of seaming. Great job!!

    And then there’s the article! As smart as they are and they confuse the hand arts. What about that says “knitted” to them? 😉😳🙄

    1. fractalkitty Avatar

      I laughed about that- I knit, I quilt, but what would I actually call a knitted quilt?

      Thanks- I’m hoping to grow my tolerance for y-seams someday.

  5. Mary Coffee Avatar

    Well done! I especially love that you and your Mom were able to share this project, and, of course, kitty! What a fun way to explore this new discovery, learn a new skill, and create a wonderful piece! Thanks so much for the slide show!! I’ll bet folks don’t realize how much goes into a piece like this. The slide show really demonstrates all of the work! Enjoy!

    1. fractalkitty Avatar

      Thank you Mary! I am incredibly grateful to be able to share this with my mom (and kitty).

  6. Kristin L Avatar
    Kristin L

    English Paper Piecing is a hand sewing technique that traditionally uses hexagons. This would easily lend itself to it.

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