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  • Mathober 2023 Prompts

    Mathober is just right around the corner, so I thought I’d post this year’s prompts early for those that like to plan ahead or incorporate any of this into a classroom. I look forward to seeing everyone’s creative expression of this year’s prompts. If you’ve never participated – join in! Here are some details:

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  • Mathober 2022 – Prompts!

    Get ready for the third annual Mathober! This all started to nurture the practice of daily doodles with no rules/strings attached. This activity has been fun for the last couple of years and I hope to see the community grow. Feel free to join in at any time to create a daily sketch/doodle/script based on…

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  • Mathober 2022 Code Doodles

    This post is late, but here is the code doodles from mathober2022: Click to change the code below. Or go here for the full page version. See the Pen Mathober2022 by Sophia (@fractalkitty) on CodePen.

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  • Mathober 2021

    Prompts are at the bottom of this post and the information for Mathober is here. I used ink and code for this daily practice and really enjoyed seeing everyone’s posts on their blogs and twitter. Let’s plan for next year. Prompts will be generated in September of 2022. Ink: Day 1 – Multiplicity Day 4…

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  • Get Ready for Mathober!

    This year’s Mathober pieces will be posted here. Last year I posted prompts for the first year of Mathober when I wanted to do some daily doodles with no strings attached. The activity was a lot of fun. There were some some great pieces from John Golden and Foldster on Twitter. Prompts this year have…

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  • pdf – of time and cosmos

    Here is a PDF of the Mathober Series – of time and cosmos So, I printed a book for Mathober2022, but it is insanely expensive. If you’d like to flip through this work of art, here is a pdf.

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  • Mathober2022 – Sketches

    This is the collection of 31 pairings for #mathober2022. Day1 – Spindle Day2 – Cubic Day3 – Planar Day4 – Dissection Day5 – Flat Day6 – Hyperbolic Day7 – Harmonic Day8 – Error Day9 – Identity Day10 – Similar Day11 – Fundamental Day12 – Category Day13 – Theory Day14 – Paradox Day15 – Tiling Day16…

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  • Mathober Doodles

    This year, I hope to do mathy sketches as inspired by John Golden’s tweet. Initially this post was working off of prompts from another website, and after learning of some controversy, I have decided to rename and recenter this post and month to Mathober. A learner brought up the issues with a trademarked site and…

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  • Mathober Complete!

    I enjoyed doing Mathober this year and plan to post a new set of prompts for next year. I always feel like I grow as a person with these short, yet focused, activities. Please join in next fall. Thanks to those that joined in on twitter. Special thanks to John Golden who did every day…

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  • Lune of Hippocrates Clock

    After drawing the Lune of Hippocrates yesterday for Mathober, I played around to make a Lune clock today. Below is codepen (p5 is here). I use a lot of these small projects for students to play with in an hour of code group. This one may not be as popular as projecting memes and cats…

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