About Me

Sophia on Mt. Ashland, OR

I hold a BS in mathematics (3.7GPA) , have 11 years of engineering and physics experience, 18+ years of tutoring, 11+ years as a professional photographer, 10 years coaching swimming and aquatic cross-training, and 2 years in a bagel shop (a bagel is one of the coolest math shapes – the torus). I am also a middle-grade author of mathematical fantasy. I currently tutor for a charter school and as a sole-proprietor.

I tutor students with many different learning approaches. From traditional curricula to project-based learning, I can support learners in their mathematical development. I offer hands-on art and science applications for students, homeschool planning, homework help, and workshops. I teach in person or online. Students love being able to login with me for 15 minutes from home to get homework help as needed or coming for an hour and doing projects and instruction together. I work with levels at the kindergarten level through calculus.

I am a lover of math, art, literature, and life. I dream of epic space adventures, fractal cats, and polyhedral planets. I love to find ways to play music using mathematical sequences and fractals. I squeal with excitement when a wood duck, sand hill crane, or prothonotary warbler are in my vicinity. My most difficult challenge on a daily basis is remembering to close a cabinet or drawer (so watch out). Astrodynamics and projectile analysis are the lullabies that relax me before nighty-night (or getting tangled in a ball of yarn). Logical decomposition of literature and silliness is a hobby (Lewis Carroll is a favorite).