Aliens, Planets, and Nebulae!

A Math Role Playing Game

I have developed materials for a Math Role Playing Game (RPG) for classrooms, afterschool, homeschool, or whatever floats your boat (or spaceship). This game can be completely screen free (although Google Sheets can be helpful for facilitators). This is my initial draft. I will post materials as they get organized. Please let me know what you think.

STEAM Teachers – You can take any of the missions and have students build models, python code, or practice prototyping any of their solutions. I’ve had students build paper cranes, Lego/Lux Blox ship models, bridges (of just about every material), etc.. Each mission will run longer with prototyping, but I haven’t had any issues with engagement so far. Need suggestions for a specific mission – contact me. You can also take this as a skeleton and build your own missions once you get the flow of it. Buoyancy, circuits, momentum, water rockets, STEAM challenges, etc. can easily get integrated into missions. I have done Tesla coil demos when kids were asking about wireless power, or magnetic levitation, etc.. Let the solutions and iterations organically grow.

Aliens, Planets and Nebulae! is what you make it! There is a galaxy, a crew of aliens, and missions of mathematical nature. It encourages multiple subjects to be integrated and can easily be used to teach a project-based curriculum. Each link below is about 2 class periods, but can easily expand into more depending on detail or added rubric. Below are the materials to get started. Please contact me if you have questions.