Aliens, Planets and Nebulae! Crew and Spaceship Creation

On the first day of Aliens, Planets and Nebulae (APN), learners will create their characters and spaceships:


Class Objectives:

  • Each learner will create a crew member
    • Encourage consultation to choose specialties that will create a diverse crew
  • Go over how abilities are calculated (evaluating functions)
    • Option 1: Facilitator can keep a workbook of abilities for students (with formulas) (This is recommended for younger or time constrained classes)
    • Option 2: Facilitator can have students track their own abilities and recalculate them when they level-up (This takes time and is a great practice for evaluating expressions, but don’t let it take over the class)
      • Facilitator may still choose to keep the workbook to keep track of class abilities

Facilitator Flow:

  • Welcome learners to the crew of a new starship sitting at Space Station Alpha.
    • Show a visual of the galaxy
    • Split Class into groups of 4-7 (each group is a separate crew/ship)
      • If virtual or using google sheets, then have a separate workbook for each crew
    • The backstory is that they are a new crew in the Mathematical Astronomical Science Society (MASS)
      • MASS solves problems and comes to the aid of many in need throughout the galaxy.
  • Distribute Crew Member creation sheets:
    • Choose One Species
      • Humanoid – resembles human, Cephalopod (more like a squid), Reptilian, metamorphic (shape shifting)
    • Choose One Specialty
      • Diplomacy
        • Leadership qualities, negotiation, communication
        • Designs the bridge of the ship
      • Medical/Science
        • Doctor, experimental expertise, and good with scientific knowledge
        • Designs the infirmary and greenhouse
      • Pilot/Navigation
        • Knows how to fly ships of various species
        • Designs outside appearance of ship
      • Engineering
        • Manages sensors, engines, life support, etc.
        • Designs any of those systems
      • Intelligence
        • Knows how to gather data, spy, disguise
        • Designs ship common spaces
      • Security
        • Knows weapon systems, defensive tactics, and manages security
        • Designs shield and weapon system for ship
    • Choose one hobby and special skill
      • These are anything students want them to be that fall into the realm of the possible
        • Skateboarding, instruments, blacksmithing, martial arts, chess, etc.
        • These hobbies and skills may come in use during missions
    • Students can roll dice or choose height, weight, and age
  • Explain that the structure of the class allows for extra ability points for work well done, innovation, and unique ways that they use their skills/hobbies and specialties.

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