Fantasy Maps to Planets

For those that have created fantasy maps using previous posts here, in classes, or elsewhere in Worldbuilding, D&D, or art, I created a small script to see your maps as spherical planets. You can click to rotate and move the mouse off the canvas to have rotation. You may want to draw a map that will project without a seam (think about how fabric patterns tessellate).

You can load your own image and change the path to see your own creation. Below is Codepen, and p5.js code is here. I used the 3d examples on the p5.js website to create this.

Note that this is a simple sphere and not an ellipsoid or WGS-84 model, and does not account for precession, nutation, and many other important concepts. However, this can start some conversations on those matters including what projection really is. I thought of adding a moon or satellites and started thinking of ECI/ECEF reference frames in p5js and decided that it would be for another day.

See the Pen sphere by Sophia (@fractalkitty) on CodePen.

I had been meaning to do this one for awhile. For this week, I have an hour of code group that I plan to map cat faces for fun to the sphere and a worldbuilding group that is a bit more serious with questions like, “What does the inside of a Dyson sphere look like?”

Flipping Origami Class Video

After teaching this a few times this week, I created a video for those that missed it or want to go back. We made two different origami toys that have some flipping fun. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Fantasy Map Drawing Video Post from This Week’s classes

This is a post for my students on fantasy map drawing from our virtual classes this week. The video was too long for youtube, so hopefully you can all grab it here. This isn’t pro-video content (so forgive my “ums” and roughness). It is intended to allow students to pause and go at their own pace after class. I enjoyed drawing with you all and seeing all your smiling faces.