Ancient Is

Below are a few of the images created with my “ancient is” code in p5js. I created a set is paired with haiku on Medium here and code is here (click to change).


I created the following composition while playing with code as part of Genuary. I wanted to get the feeling of a discharge of energy. Everytime the code is run, a unique new piece is generated. Below are some of the infinite varieties.

Catenary Kitties

I am really enjoying Genuary 2022. For the architecture prompt, I created these catenary kitties. The kitties are drawn in Adobe Fresco and the code is in p5.js. If you go to the code page, clicking the work will randomize the kitties and typing “p” will bring motion to the clouds. Below is one of …

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Diatom Sketch

I pondered diotoms in my spare time today and made this. I hope to play some more as time allows to expand this. Click to change images (randomized). A gallery is included below. Enjoy. A full page view is here. See the Pen diatom1 by Sophia (@fractalkitty) on CodePen.

Folding Origami

Need a pun? This is an origami I-koi-sahedron. This code is from Day 0 to kick off my 101 Days of Creative Code. I will post GIFs to the blog as they are created, but the coding will be done as pages rather than posts ( I didn’t want to spam my followers).

Parabolic Beams

I love thinking of parabolas as being formed with a directrix and focus. Coming from a background in trajectory analysis, I find the abstract relationships of the curve to the point and line beautiful. When a light shines through the focus of a parabolic mirror, the light reflected is orthogonal to the directrix – WOW! …

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