Useful Blogs

Below are a list of websites/blogs that I have found interesting, fun, helpful, and/or inspiring:

Blogs for all Things Math: – This is a great collection of DIY materials, articles, podcasts, and blogs that you can get lost in for days.
AMS Blog on Math Blogs – The AMS Blog on Math Blogs is a treasure-trove of mathematical bloggers and information to find more wonderful content builders. I was honored to be featured.
Analytical Physics – An amazingly deep website of interactive physics and math. This is a great site explore and go down rabbit holes. You might just become mesmerized with beautiful visuals.
Aperiodical – A blog tour and podcasts with numerous articles and resources.
Arbitrarily Close – A wonderful blog integrating math and art along with a diverse set of resources and insights. There is a math art challenge with over 100 ideas for math and art – truly amazing.
Chalkdust – A plethora of articles, puzzles and more in this delightful magazine.
Elevated Math Blog – Posts on people in math, techniques and teaching math.
Examples First– A useful resource for intuitive investigations into mathematical concepts via examples.
Flying Colours Maths – Articles, problem-solving, connections and more. This blog and site has lots of resources and reads for math lovers.
Joyful Mathematics – The maker of an excellent game, MULTI, has hands-on activities and lessons that build meaningful connections.
Math Book Magic – A lovely resource for math books and bringing literature to learning.
Math Hombre – A collection of wonderful “Talking Math” comics, Geogebra resources, articles, and links for teachers and math enthusiasts.
Maths Query – This site has simple, easy to use definitions, examples, and resources for learning math.
Owen Biesel – Great graphics and articles in math to ponder and play with. These are great for dinner table and classroom discussions and wonder.
Reflections and Tangents – Karen Campe has some great resources, webinars, and articles for math learning and teaching.
Sine of the Times – A blog with resources, puzzles, hands-on constructions, and plenty of activities. This is a great site to dive into for fun and unique perspectives in math.

Teacher/tutor/instructor Blogs for us to connect experiences:

Looney Math – Articles on teaching, learning, and playing with math to enrich and build connections and understanding.
Math Illustrated – Teaching resources and articles for high school math and more. There are some wonderful approaches and activities here.
Math = Love – Wonderful blog with resources for teaching high school math. With talks, strategies, puzzles and activities, there is much to be used and learned here.
Ms. Kant’s Math World – Reflections, resources, and writing to relate.