WB: Transportation

How far can you travel in a day in your world?

Helena’s Sketch

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” ― Albert Einstein

How to move about…

How do the peoples of your world get from point A to point B? Do they use a horse and carriage? Car? Plane? Underground tubes? Space elevators?

Different people may use different forms of transportation. For this activity in WorldBuilding, design the transportation for your world.

Here are some questions to help get started:

What is used for fuel? Wind? Fossil? Solar? Gas? Nuclear? Magic?

What materials are mined, processed and used? (Metals, plastics, gels, liquids,…)

Does your transportation cause pollution?

What infrastructure is needed? Roads? Tunnels? Beacons?

What does the traffic, formations, and dispersion look like?

Now for some STEAM Activities…

Picture by Opal

Note: You don’t need to do all of these – they are just examples. Pick your favorites to add to your world’s portfolio. This set of activities is very life-science centric, but can easily integrate statistics, ratios, physics, and more.

  • Create a prototype for your transportation from your favorite building toy.
  • Draw a top, bottom, side view for your transportation
  • Create a diagram for how your transportation works, is powered, or manufactured.
  • Determine the minimum and maximum rates that your transportation is capable of.
  • Determine the distance on your map for two locations and find out the time required for travel. (The distance formula can be used.)
  • The possibilities are endless – what can you come up with?

After these activities, you are probably grateful that you have a notebook or folder for your world. Some do this digitally, and some create hardbound books to be used in games, role play, novel-writing, and more. Whatever the approach, save what you have to be able to reach back to it later.