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Mathober 2022 Code Doodles

This post is late, but here is the code doodles from mathober2022: Click to change the code below. Or go here for the full page version. See the Pen Mathober2022 by Sophia (@fractalkitty) on CodePen.

Mathober2022 – Sketches

This is the collection of 31 pairings for #mathober2022. Day1 – Spindle Day2 – Cubic Day3 – Planar Day4 – Dissection Day5 – Flat Day6 – Hyperbolic Day7 – Harmonic Day8 – Error Day9 – Identity Day10 – Similar Day11 – Fundamental Day12 – Category Day13 – Theory Day14 – Paradox Day15 – Tiling Day16 […]

White-Breasted Nuthatch

These birds are often called “upside-down birds,” but maybe they just have no regard for orientation. I enjoyed playing with Boy’s surfaces, Möbius strips, cross-caps, and various Klein bottles for this piece (thanks math Twitter for responding to non-orientable surface requests). I decided on a figure-eight immersion of a Klein bottle.

Mathober 2022 – Prompts!

Get ready for the third annual Mathober! This all started to nurture the practice of daily doodles with no rules/strings attached. This activity has been fun for the last couple of years and I hope to see the community grow. Feel free to join in at any time to create a daily sketch/doodle/script based on […]

Chalkboard Dreams

Kitty dreams of such wonders… @mathart4all requested a t-shirt design that was so much fun to do! The prompt included soma, rubiks, space, Euler’s Formula, The Bridges of Königsberg, and a kitty (of course). If you want to buy this on Bonfire the link is here. However, I am all for supporting local and socially […]

Ancient Is

Below are a few of the images created with my “ancient is” code in p5js. I created a set is paired with haiku on Medium here and code is here (click to change).

Indigo Bunting

Indigo buntings are majestically beautiful birds. I had a hard time deciding the direction to go in doodling this one, so I dug up a lot of fun facts: A group of indigo buntings is called a sacrifice, mural, or decoration. Their indigo color comes from the structure within their feathers rather than pigment. These […]

Creative Coding Update

April was a fun month of coding. I am sharing a few of the pieces and activities from this month below. Have fun forking, playing, and creating! A Quiet Space This piece was created at the end of March as a stream of consciousness. I started with the Birb’s Nest coding group prompt of “space” […]


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