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In a Loop

Sometimes you just feel like you are in a loop…


i-bis (white faced ibis) on the complex plane.

Cantor Set Zine

This is Fractal Kitty’s first zine! I was inspired by the public math website. Some wonderful zines from @becky_k_warren and @Ayliean are on there. After cutting the Cantor Set with Kirigami to investigate fraction operations, exponents, and patterns this week with my middle school groups I thought a zine might be fun. Fold on the …

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February Highlights

Coding: On January 31st, I started 101 days of creative coding. After a few setbacks (11 days with no power), I am on track. Please check out 101 days of creative coding on a computer to fully engage with the interactive days. I didn’t want to spam everyone with a daily blog post, but there …

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Probability in the Leaves

I run and see the crows daily. They splash, play, talk, and announce the sunset. I see them in yards flipping leaves together and can’t help but feel that they are calculating probabilities. Of what, I am not sure – maybe the probability of finding a nut, bug, or piece of pizza. No matter what, …

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Folding Origami

Need a pun? This is an origami I-koi-sahedron. This code is from Day 0 to kick off my 101 Days of Creative Code. I will post GIFs to the blog as they are created, but the coding will be done as pages rather than posts ( I didn’t want to spam my followers).

Locomotive Rose Art

The equations used to produce these plots are in the family of rose curves. This particular form is composed of two curves added together. It almost feels like there is some locomotion happening in the visualization, and it is fun to think about the gears and shafts might that make this pattern. r = a …

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