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Manifold of Me (a self portrait)

If you want some notes/insight, here are some drafted below. Skip them if this piece speaks to you – you may find your own meaning and you don’t need mine.

Coded Optical Illusions

I had a great time this summer doing art and professional development with Twitter peers. On one of the days, Ellen Thomson hosted activities with Optical Illusions. This got me thinking of all the ways this could be done with coding + math groups. There are two approaches I take in coding groups. The first …

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Playing with patterns

I have been enjoying summer communities in math learning. Howie Hua has been hosting a wonderful group on Wednesdays, and last week Shelby Strong with Stronger Math shared Fawn Nguyen’s Visual Patterns resource and I had to play with creating some randomly generated patterns (below). These patterns can be used for all ages and can …

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Spotted Tau-hee

Happy Tau Day! I have created another math bird piece for today with the inspiration of Spotted Towhees on my morning walk.

Space-Pigeonholes Imagined

The Pigeonhole Principle merged with the contemplation of black holes today. I envisioned Fractal Kitty at the whiteboard with this one, but went without the kitty today – enjoy.

Overdue May Update

Well, I am overdue for a post. This year was busy. I taught 11-13 classes per week on top of study halls and homeschooling 3 kiddos. I have found my creative energy slightly depleted. That being said, I got a lot done in May and hope to reset in June. 101 days of code complete! …

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In a Loop

Sometimes you just feel like you are in a loop…


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