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I wanted to undertake a data project that could be completed in less than a day, so I decided to work with storm manhole data from Salem, Oregon. The primary aim of this project is to foster community creativity—whether through code, imagination, writing, or conversation. The map has transformed 10,083 storm manholes into imaginary portals…

Mathober Pieces

Mathober2023 Prompts are here.This year I used a mix of p5js and procreate to play with stellar scenes – enjoy! There were some great sketches on Mathstodon including hilarious videos, comics, generative music, puns, and more. Links on titles take you to codePen full page view. Some days I played with desmos as well. Day…

Mathober 2023 Prompts

Mathober is just right around the corner, so I thought I’d post this year’s prompts early for those that like to plan ahead or incorporate any of this into a classroom. I look forward to seeing everyone’s creative expression of this year’s prompts. If you’ve never participated – join in! Here are some details:

Raven Paradox

Raven’s were a fun one to research. I had a hard time selecting the math for these intriguing birds. From vocalizations to intelligence to barrel rolls – it was a tough pick. I ended up going with the Raven Paradox. I couldn’t resist including a leucistic feather (not all ravens are black).

Valley Quail’s Airfoil

I had the delightful experience of seeing a beautiful quail family in Santa Cruz while traveling for work. The daddy quail sat atop a bush while mommy and chicks foraged below. Finding the right curve for the top knot was a challenge – Mathstodon suggestions led me down a few paths and ended at a…

Spectre Tiles!!!

It’s so exciting to have the Spectre tile so soon after the hat. Here is the website for this wonderful discovery! To celebrate I doodled tiles of Ghost Jellyfish tonight. I imagined them just touching the edges of each tile with their tentacles. There are 9 tiles, where the odd ones are bubbles. Here are…


Using the “hat” monotile recently published, I put together over 20 coloring sheets that will hopefully inspire some to make their own maps with this shape. These sheets can be placed together as monotile islands – or Monotīslands. These may be fun to code with, use in classrooms, worldbuilding, story prompts, or build games with.…

1/4 Update

I’ve been busy the last 3 months, so I thought I’d summarize the doodles and musings I’ve been working on that haven’t been posted (like my puffin, ducky, or quilt). A Cantor Set Poem Aperiodic Monotile Doodle This one is in vector drawing (svg) of the aperiodic monotile. Mandalas Puddle of Stars I doodles a…

A Quilt to Celebrate a Monotile

An Aperiodic Monotile was published this week (details are here). To celebrate, I made a quilt with my mom with some occasional kitty input. I put together a quick slideshow of the process (not super detailed, but it will give you the gist of it). Preview of it is below:


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