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Miscellaneous posts, musings, comics, and more in the order I got around to sharing them with the blogosphere. Here is my latest.


I am a doodler of cats and math. My humor is so dry that I am often the only one laughing. Check out my Comics at your own risk.


I am slowly building a library of my GIF doodles – enjoy!

52 Weeks

Math is meant to get played with, held, squeezed, and loved. Here are 52 Weeks of Hands-on Math Activities.

Scripting Algebra

Projects/tasks that I am using to bring code into math learning through generative art. Scripting Algebra (SA) is being created this fall. This is a work in progress.

Math RPG

Aliens, Planets, and Nebulae is a free STEAM RPG game for learners. It can be used in classrooms, home, and/or virtually. Materials are here to get started with a space crew.

Worldbuilding STEAM

Come play with math in an imaginative world that you create. Art, imagination, science, and more are all integrated into the development of worlds and their civilizations, technologies, magic, governments, and more.

Marie’s Atlas

A middle grade math fantasy for 8-12yrs. Marie goes on epic adventures to solve problems in math and science. Free PDF versions are posted!

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