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Coffee Temperature

If you ever need a piecewise function, this is mine. I redid this from my 2x3in Mathober doodle (I added the overheated peak).

Code of the Rings

While tinkering with my tree ring code, I created a simpler yet mesmerizing adaptation. Essentially I added a loop, some random multipliers, and changed to radian mode. Sine and cosine are so incredibly beautiful and full of infinite play and wonder. Please play with the code below by clicking to change the equation. If you …

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Goodbye Red Oak

I often run for mental downtime and stress-relief. On a recent run, I found one of my favorite trees blown over. This tree grew in a cemetery with broad branches and roots consuming the neighboring headstones. This red oak had brought me so much joy. Before I could get to the stump, the park had …

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Foggy Orbits

After covering the unit circle today, I created Foggy Orbits as a quick sketch. Below is the CodePen and above is a GIF. I hope to add this to pre-calc activities with parametric equations eventually. See the Pen jOrJezv by Sophia (@fractalkitty) on CodePen.

Swirled Series Challenge

I decided to join Craig S. Kaplan’s Swirled Series Challenge. I played the last two nights and have some draft GIFs below. I don’t have a ton of time, but it’s stuff like this that relaxes me at night. I look forward to seeing what people come up with. I still need to export a …

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Draft of Knotty Math Tile Code

Here is a rough draft of Knotty Math tile code. Code was adapted from Shaw Wan’s tangram code on CodePen. I am hoping to adapt more tile designs for play. This will not work on touch screens/phones – I’ll have to contemplate an app for that. I am just learning… Drag the tiles below and …

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Mathober Complete!

I enjoyed doing Mathober this year and plan to post a new set of prompts for next year. I always feel like I grow as a person with these short, yet focused, activities. Please join in next fall. Thanks to those that joined in on twitter. Special thanks to John Golden who did every day …

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Mod Fibonacci

Finite Melodies for an Infinite Sequence A few years ago I asked myself how I could play the Fibonacci sequence on the piano. I found that if I divided the Fibonacci sequence by the number of keys I wished to play, I got a set of numbers that would infinitely repeat. I tested this observation …

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The Point? Dimensions

“The Point of Evolution” started as a Mathober doodle and led to this GIF. Dimensions are fun – what do you see? what do you notice? Side Note: I talk about dimensions when covering combining like terms. One analogy – A 3D banana can’t combine with a 2D banana (or whatever noun seems to go …

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