Mathober Doodles

This year, I hope to do mathy sketches as inspired by John Golden’s tweet.

Initially this post was working off of prompts from another website, and after learning of some controversy, I have decided to rename and recenter this post and month to Mathober. A learner brought up the issues with a trademarked site and inspired this change. I still want to doodle daily this month, so I am running with a new theme – Mathober.

The prompts I plan to use for Mathober are below (I retro-changed days 1-4). Feel free to join in, catch-up and use whatever mediums float your boat. #mathober on media if you want to share.


Here are my doodles:

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  1. Solomon Avatar

    This is wonderful! I’ll definitely do this as long with the challenge I’m already doing 😀

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