Probability in the Leaves

I run and see the crows daily. They splash, play, talk, and announce the sunset. I see them in yards flipping leaves together and can’t help but feel that they are calculating probabilities. Of what, I am not sure – maybe the probability of finding a nut, bug, or piece of pizza. No matter what, I know the probability of the joy when I see my black feathered friends is 1.

I have made a daily practice of haiku writing. The crows are part of my second set published here on medium. This is one on the calculating crows:


crows checking under each leaf

p of finding nuts

2 responses to “Probability in the Leaves”

  1. Lee Collver-Richards Avatar

    Love this!! Have you seen the researcher who taught crows to use a toy!?

    1. fractalkitty Avatar

      Thank you. Yes- they are so amazing! I watch them systematically flip all of the leaves in each yard.

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