Fall 2021 Update

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As the school year kicks off and all my classes are on a roll, I find myself posting less. So, here is an update of what’s been going on in my world.


I have continued my practice of posting my haiku practice every 19 days. Click here for latest set of haiku. As usual most of the photography and musings are from my 5mi radius in Salem, OR.


I’ve really enjoyed jumping into my coding classes this fall. I have also continued to do codePen challenges and various curves. Here just a few of the scripts I have created. Click on the pictures to see them in action.

Durer’s Shell

Perfectionist Nightmare

Entities Contrasted

Four Circle Egg

Plateau Curve

Swiftly Now

Morrie’s Law


Ring Sphere



Other activities

I am continuing to work on the Math Bird series and hope to group them into a book at some point – let me know if you have any requests for birds. I am also working on a game and have some of those first cards created. Here is a sneak peek:

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