Indigo Bunting

Indigo buntings are majestically beautiful birds. I had a hard time deciding the direction to go in doodling this one, so I dug up a lot of fun facts:

  • A group of indigo buntings is called a sacrifice, mural, or decoration.
  • Their indigo color comes from the structure within their feathers rather than pigment.
  • These birds study the stars and navigate by them for migration.

After playing with prisms and light and then settling on stars, I have finished another bird in the series. Enjoy!

Indigo bunting on grass with star trail arcs and celestial sphere diagram in the corner.

I normally use my observations, general reference, and my library of photography for sketches. However, I don’t have any good shots of indigo buntings. Jen Cross on Twitter offered some absolutely stellar photographs of these beautiful birds for reference. Here website is here.

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