Mathober 2022 – Prompts!

Get ready for the third annual Mathober! This all started to nurture the practice of daily doodles with no rules/strings attached. This activity has been fun for the last couple of years and I hope to see the community grow.

Feel free to join in at any time to create a daily sketch/doodle/script based on what the prompt means to you. Use whatever mediums you’d like (ink, paint, code, poetry, etc), and have fun! You can use the #mathober2022 hashtag if you would like to share. I will post on the first of October and through the month with doodles here. I look forward to seeing everyone’s work.

I plan to begin on 10/1/2021 (but time is relative and you may find that you are one of those people that has to start today or next year – have fun!)

Previous years are here:

Mathober 2020

Mathober 2021

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