Using the “hat” monotile recently published, I put together over 20 coloring sheets that will hopefully inspire some to make their own maps with this shape. These sheets can be placed together as monotile islands – or Monotīslands.

These may be fun to code with, use in classrooms, worldbuilding, story prompts, or build games with. I highly encourage use of the monotile page to get a feel for how these tiles fit together.

Some may choose to keep all of the tiles oriented up, while others may want it to feel like a map on a table with multiple angles of perspective.

Make sure to print them all at the same scale (test print and fit before coloring).

There is a blank tile along with multiple variations and rotations to play with – some may want to create their own. I included jpg and svg files are here for those that may want to overlay these with a laser engraving for tiles. (you will need to create the cut file and arrange them.)

Note – the archipelago file is reversed and can get rotated to fit in any of the reversed spaces (or you can reverse ones you wish).

Variation 1:
Variation 2
Blank and Single Tiles

Example configuration

example configuration of monotislands

The concepts app was used to create these.

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