Mathober Pieces

Mathober2023 Prompts are here.
This year I used a mix of p5js and procreate to play with stellar scenes – enjoy! There were some great sketches on Mathstodon including hilarious videos, comics, generative music, puns, and more.

Links on titles take you to codePen full page view. Some days I played with desmos as well.

Day 1 – Kiss

to just touch a little

with an atom of being

infinitely close

Desmos sketch here.

Day 2 – Symmedial

angles cleaved in two

leave us these lines to reflect

our bond to center

Desmos sketch here.

Day 3 – Internal

this similitude 

reminds us — we are but scaled

copies of ourselves

Desmos sketch here.

Day 4 – Section

when we see sections

of ourselves — our potential

manifests loci

Day 5 – Supergraph

our minds are but nodes

connected to other nodes

supergraphs of thought

Day 6 – Weak

we all seek something

 — but some of us search for that

which lives in our minds

Day 7 – Skew

you lean with each breath

an asymmetric beauty

skewing towards light

Day 8 – Counting

life — made of cycles

of celestial bodies

take time — to observe

Day 9 – Hierarchy

we are but strange loops

beginning — as but star dust

waiting to return

Day 10 – Nowhere-Neat

we have these pieces

that touch, but not completely

and nowhere neatly 

Day 11 – Quadratic

we are but loci

formed from a celestial 

focus of matter

Day 12 – Twist

forces — invisible

can pull these orbits — a dance

bound together — twist

Day 13 – Repeating

rings of time dance here

in this moment we call life

repeating sunrise

Day 14 – Cohomology

it is our gaps — holes

that define the loops in which

pass through our being

Day 15 – Condition

a breath — in and out

a cycle of condition

breathe universe — breathe

Day 16 – Index

in our very base

rests a potential power

of infinity

Day 17 – Excision

what is taken out

can change the very being

of what you are — self

Day 18 – Regression

what seems so scattered

may correlate to what we

cannot perceive — lines

Day 19 – Diagonal

we have vertices

that connect by going through

our innermost self

Day 20 – Sequence

the difficulty

is with the wanting to sum

our sequence — of time

Day 21 – Cyclotomic

divide this circle

infinite and even parts

this — apeirogon

Day 22 – Movable

how rigid we are

is infinitesimally

movable — a flex

I learned to use p5.geometry and got code for making model work here.

Jessen’s icosahedron was created by using vertices in this file.

Day 23 – Axiom

with two points in time

a connection forms— beyond

parallels exist

Day 24 – Weight

the weights of these threads

connect us to the weights of

thoughts and memories

Day 25 – Gyrate

here, we all gyrate

 — spinning around an axis

of pure — utter joy

Day 26 – Correspondence

a meditation

can correspond with angles

of parallel self

Day 27 – Power

from our base — our core

we can rise up — and ascend

to a place of peace

Day 28 – Hypotraceable

this simplicity

forms when you remove a part

of what defines you

Day 29 – Exchange

stardust is exchanged

and becomes the state of you

connected — ancient

Day 30 – Removable

sometimes what stops us — 

makes us pause — is what we miss

 — what’s removable

Day 31 – Radial

multiple passes

brings deeper understanding

radial — days — nights

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