I got side tracked when thinking about the next math bird in a series and thought “I’m long overdue for a kitty comic.” Dozen=12 and Gross=144

Catenary Kitties

I am really enjoying Genuary 2022. For the architecture prompt, I created these catenary kitties. The kitties are drawn in Adobe Fresco and the code is in p5.js. If you go to the code page, clicking the work will randomize the kitties and typing “p” will bring motion…

Differential vs. Integral Kitty

I have been reading Infinite Powers by Steven Strogatz as part of a twitter book club and decided to incorporate Fractal Kitty as I go through. This one is from the introduction. I really contemplated playing more with a comic for the Infinity Principle and still may.

Coffee Temperature

If you ever need a piecewise function, this is mine. I redid this from my 2x3in Mathober doodle (I added the overheated peak).

Dark Mathemagics

I hope to have a full spell list for all Mathemagics eventually, but a quickly drafted comic will do for now – Enjoy.

Unbiased Trade Study (DAR)

No weights were used, the only stakeholder in the process was Kitty, and scores need not be normalized. CMMI Level 5 not achieved… INCOSE engineers may have given an eyeroll…


frig·ga·tris·kai·dek·a·phile/fɹɪɡə,triskīˌdekəˈ,fīl/ nouna person who has an extreme love for the friday the thirteenth.