Math Birbs – Cards

I have created a very niche set of cards called Math Birbs. It’s a 4 suit deck with additional cards. This allows for traditional gameplay, but makes room for game creation. Click here for print on demand. I am willing to help coordinate a group buy if interested.

Individuals can use the images to print a set for non-commercial use. Please contact me if you’d like to do it commercially or have a way to get these out to the math/bird/card community. 

My goal is to make these cards widely available and create new games as a community. I hope to add links to games that people create here. I am open to suggestions on how to make this happen.

Below is the 72 card deck. The last image is the back as well as bonus cards for tricky play.

Google drive link is here for individual images.

Printable pdf is here.

Printable DocX is here.

A big thanks goes to Mary Ishibashi for creating the PDF and DocX files for everyone to print easier.

Games – Play your favorites, or create your own..

Modified Rummy

Play rummy as usual, or change how you group the cards. Prior to game play, decide on grouping rules – rather than using matching numbers use evens/odds, multiples, and primes. Rather than using counting sequences (1,2,3,…) use other sequences such as Fibonacci, Lucas, exponential, or others.

Rank of cards is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, J, P, R

Additional options:

Add robins – Example: when drawn the player with the least cards must take a card from the player with the most cards

Add Magpies – Example: A mischief of magpies can shuffle the discard and draw pile when played in threes

Add Poop – Example: A player can play a poop card on another player and cause them to draw 3 cards

Add Crows – Example: A player switches hands with another player when drawn

Go Birb

Play “go fish” but with this deck. Additional cards can be used for mischief (see rummy options).

More to come… Send me instructions if you’d like me to add them to this page.