Scripting Algebra (SA)

SA is a set of activities that can be used to create generative art while learning Algebra. Beauty can inspire and bring about enthusiasm. This series of activities is not meant to teach code, rather to use it as an instrument for deeper understanding and appreciation for math. Most programming will be done using p5.js. Codepen and p5.js accounts are free and useful for this series.


SA1: Real Numbers

Program a graphic for the Real Number system.

SA2: Animated Lines

Program linear abstract art animations.

SA3: Exponents

Play with the pow() function and visualize exponents

SA4: Perpendicular

Play with perpendicular lines through animation

SA5: Systems of Eq.

Find the intersections of lines through art

SA6: Parabola Art

Drawing lines between two parabolas in standard form.

SA7: Directrix/Focus

Another look at parabolas with directrix and focus as a core element

SA8: Even and Odd

Playing with the rotational and reflective symmetries of even/odd functions.

SA9: Quadrant Play

Create a drawing through playing with quadrants.

I plan to fill these in as I go…

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